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Al & janet Johnstone


Al and Janet Johnstone are the owner/builders of the rotating home and owners of They are retired and have built homes in the past, but are not associated with any of the building professions.

Al acted as the architect, engineer, contractor and main grunt. Janet acted as the accountant, book keeper, decorator, "gofer" and occasional grunt on this project. Al designed and researched the house, as well as found or built all the specialty parts required to make the house rotate. Neither Al nor Janet are engineers by trade so they hired several different engineers (structural, soil, title 24 [glazing] and mechanical) to verify and sign off on Al's work. They used a draftsman to draw up the plans and then submitted the complete package to the San Diego County building department and received the building permit June, 2000 and a final completion from the county in June, 2004. Al and Janet physically built about 75% of the home themselves and have Patented 45 of the specialty items in the home that allows it to do what it does.